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To INFORM, INSPIRE and ENGAGE Tomorrow's doctors.

To inspire tomorrow's doctors to be creative, there is a need to engage them with latest innovations, technology and conferences within various specialties. However, currently these themes are scarcely covered in the timetabled medical curriculum.

With the immense popularity of social media, ‘Not Just a Medical Student’ (NJMS) seeks to use it to enhance medical students experience across the UK. It is national award winning innovative bite-size medical education video series, with each video strictly under 3 minutes, like none before.

Whether it’s visiting institutions, or conferences exposing their latest innovations, to engaging in topical medico-political issues at the BMA house.

With over 900+ followers and 835 likes on our Facebook page with 5 videos released and video views ranging from 8.1k to 2.5k. The videos are also hosted on Youtube for ease of access. As we showcase innovations we leave inspiring and engaging messages for students to take away.

Remember, you are not just a medical student. Change starts with us.

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