Tomorrow’s world & The Connect Project: “How to upgrade your CV, intelligently”

Walk with me as I take you on a journey…

You’re 18, fresh out of A-levels and it’s time to start that journey into adulthood… You’re generation Z- The 90’s kids. The millennials! You grew up with the internet, mobile phones and Friends on T.V.

 Let’s get started… How are things looking?

You now enter a world with a large student debt. Additionally, this debt has been increasing! You happen to be the first generation since records began, that will be worse off compared to the last. Moreover, benefits enj

oyed in your parents’ era (cheaper housing, generous pensions, free tuition, free opticians, free dental care) have largely been eroded. Lastly, you enter a highly competitive, globalised job market.

Your first job applications involves… IQ tests, personality tests, knowledge tests, situational judgement tests, a two or three stage interview process and a trial period.

Where did it all go wrong?

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The Connect Project:

Use opportunities to your benefit… (boost your C.V.!)

As described, one of the biggest challenges after graduation, is getting that job you really want. Although degrees undoubtedly help, as one of the most over-qualified countries in the world, the UK faces a paradox. Despite a rapid increase in graduates, there has not been a similar increase in the quantity of highly-skilled jobs available.

This makes it more important than ever to stand out!

One compelling way to do this, is by displaying those individual qualities that make us unique and useful for a modern workplace. This includes our communication, innovation, leadership and professionalism. Yet, traditional degree programmes remain remarkably poor at reflecting this.

The questions Universities must ask is:

 'How can we credibly evidence tomorrows employees’ skills and achievements, not reflected in traditional degree-orientated programmes, or, risk becoming outmoded? '

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One way we can help ourselves, is by getting involved with the range of projects on at our University. There are a whole host of teaching, scholarship, enterprise, public engagements and University outreach programmes on offer at every institution; yet students’ direct experience of research & these opportunities is often limited… Why do so many of the best opportunities at University end up with the same small proportion of people?

I am the creator of The Connect Project. Connect is one solution I formed when in my penultimate year of medical school. Connect provides a forum for researchers, doctors and educators to easily collaborate and work with students, whether that be for teaching, promoting events such as conferences or creating projects for student involvement. No more emailing scary professors. No more spam. Just one site, with all the opportunities free and open for all!

Think of Connect as a crowdsourcing enterprise, breaking down those traditional boundaries between staff and students!

Connect has started at Southampton. Opening with just one faculty, within 6 months, Connect generated over 60 projects. Going University wide next year, Connect will pair student projects with new transparent and powerful micro-qualifications. Akin to a powerful reference these qualifications allow you to reflect your individual competences and accomplishments through credible organisations & individuals.

Remember, as students, we have a unique combination of skills, qualifications and knowledge which can make us a real asset to various projects at University. Connectnow gives you the power to use the breadth of experience at University to your advantage. Like us on Facebook to find out more!

The Connect Project launches in Mid-October 2017 and hopes to expand in the future. Make sure to like our Twitter & Facebook to get all the latest updates & get involved now!

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