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Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Project Code: 62IGen_04Jun19

Main Location:

The Institute of Developmental Sciences on SGH Campus

Time requirement:

Wed 9th October (approx. time 1400-1600) and Wed 20th November 2019 (approx. time 1730-2000, the Question Time event)

Other Requirements:

An interest in science behind what makes us healthy and a desire to inspire the next generation of scientist and medical students

Incentives: CPD: Your activity in the project can be recorded in the personal section of your CPD Diary (1 hour = 1 CPD point).

Student Payment: The University will also be able to offer a small payment (as part of their student ambassador scheme) for your time on the project.

On 20th November we are holding a Question Time event entitled “TOXIC !”. It will pick up on very topical issues of toxins on dry land, air and in the sea. We’ll debate the role of toxins in developmental science and lifelong health. We’ve recruited ~70 students (A level) to join the audience and ask some of the questions to panel. The panel will be experts from policy-making, medicine, the ‘world of toxins’, nutrition and the environment. To get ready, the A Level students are coming to our Institute on 9th October to learn about our science and get hands-on with laboratory experiments. At the end of the day, science and medical mentors can chat with students and help them come up with possible questions for the Question Time panel (November). This is where you come in – would you like to be one of the medical mentors on the 9th October? Help enthuse a new generation of students with some of the exciting science and medical advances at Southampton?

How to apply:

Please email Dr Lucy Green at for more information!


Point of contact:

Dr Lucy Green, Assoc Professor UoS

Any previous projects will be listed:


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