Hello and Welcome To Connections!

"Connections is an open, crowdsourced, online, magazine for everyone"

Connections is a new online magazine to help give you the latest news in your area.

Connections is open to all. Anyone can submit an article for peer review!

I want to write an article:

Anyone can! Connections is an open, crowdsourced, online, magazine. Whether you be a scientist who wants to engage students with your latest discovery, an organiser who needs to promote a conference, a librarian who has just found a really good learning application or a student who wants to start a discussion- 'Connections' is here for you.

I want to submit a project?

Go to: www.connectproject.co.uk/submit

Opportunities for students will get posted on our projects page. They will also be highlighted in the Connections publication, Facebook, Twitter and more giving your collaboration maximum exposure!

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