Opportunities for students!

It is the duty of every student to work with an evidence-based approach, however often students direct experience of research & opportunities is limited. At the same time many students have unique skills, previous degrees and knowledge that can make them an asset to a project. 

Connect is a forum for researchers, professors, doctors and educators to easily collaborate and work with students, whether that be for teaching, promoting events or creating opportunities for student involvement- anything you might want!- Research, part time jobs, conferences & prizes!



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How THEConnectPROJECT Works

Project Creation


Submitting an opportunity

Project reviewed & forwarded to area/subject lead

Project published & promoted 

Project Completion (& Digital Badges)

Student applies & is accepted for a project offering a Digital Badge

Project is completed & feedback is given. 

Digital Badge application is approved by an independent staff member!

The Team

iChamps, Academic reps, Student Leads and Volunteers
Faculty Officer or
Subject union rep
e.g. Medsoc education rep 
Student Union (SUSU)
Education lead
Student Experience Senior Team
Union rep, ILIAD rep, employability rep 
Library &
Being a Content Manager
Content managers are student champions or librarians who are responsible for organising & forwarding on submissions for publication &/or to check whether a project is eligible for a Digital Badge application.
They are good editors & will often correct mistakes, add links & media to a submission. 
Thinking of joining the team/ taking the role?
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